Cycling again

8 08 2009

Woke up early this morning, very early….I was up by 5.15 a.m. But it was for a good reason. For the fifth or sixth time in the last 2 weeks I found myself on a bicycle again. This morning I will be meeting up with Tzy Wen for the second saturday in a row. He plans to cycle from his house to the Central Post Office in Shah Alam where he has a parcel waiting to be collected. I packed both my road and a friend’s mountain bike (shod with road tyres) into my car and was on the way to Tzy Wen’s house by 6 a.m

Arriving at his house in Subang Murni, I proceeded to reassemble the bicycles and waited for him to come down. Starting off at about 6.30  our slow ride to Shah Alam took us about 50 minutes, 38 minutes of riding time and 10 minutes stopped. We did not proceed directly to the Post Office as it only opens at 8.30 a.m. Instead we stopped at a restaurant near the Shah Alam Stadium to have some breakfast.At the post office

After breakfast a short ride brought us to the Shah Alam Central Post Office. Here is Tzy Wen getting ready to pick up his parcel. Apparently, you have to “go thru the window” to get your parcels. Wow, I  heard of government servants making it tough for the normal citizen to get decent service but to make you climb thru a window just to get what’s yours? hahaha! Well, that was what Tzy Wen told me anyway.  He must have succeeded since a few minutes later he was out with the parcel in hand. I guess some people will do anything just to get what is theirs!

As we had a little bit of time on our hands we decided to visit the Shah Alam Mosque. I think it’s Tzy Wen’s first time here as he was quite impressed with the building. He took some photos using his F65 film camera. At this point I realised that I did nt insert the memory card into my camera and was using it’s built in memory which did not allow me to take many photos.  Ahh well, luckily I only wanted a few pictures to document our ride today.

SShah Alam MosqueRiding homeSoon we were on our way home. I had to be back by 10 a.m, so our ride back was a little faster then our ride out but still quite leisurely.  We made it back on time and found Woon Hwan awake but still in his pyjamas working on his new model aircraft. Our ride this morning covered a distance of about 39 kilometres which we did in about 2 hours. Not too bad for a leisurely ride.




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12 08 2009

haha so funny your joke

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