The Eggcident

12 08 2009

Earlier today, on the way to the AAM to buy some insurance for my car I was caught in a massive traffic jam. Normally the road leading toward USJ does not clog up until much later in the evening. There must have been something out of the usual that caused this jam.  Half an hour later I came across this Eggcident . . .

Egg-cident 2Egg-cident 4

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again!

What a waste! All those eggs would have made a great huge omelette. According to the driver he had to swerve to avoid a car which came out from a side road.  I am gueesing that the truck driver was also speeding. The section of the road leading to this spot has a rather steep downhill  gradient and a slight right handed bend.

Egg-cident 3

That him there in the red t-shirt. With  a crane from a tow truck attached he and his rescuers tried to get the truck upright but to no avail.  Apparently the weight of the remaining eggs inside the truck was too heavy! I tried to help by pointing out that they should try to attach the chian higher up on the overturned truck but they siad it would rip the top off the truck’s chassis. Seeinghta I could not help any further I left the scene.

The last few days has taught me a valuable lesson . . . never leave home without a decent camera! If only I had my DSLR with me today.  Little did I know what was in store for me further up along the road.

Accident 1

Hardly 3 minutes later I came across another accident! What a day. Lucky for me I had completed my business with AAM and was on the way home. (I took the pictures of the eggcident on the way back from the AAM). If you look at the road on the hill in the back ground and to the left of the picture, you will see that the traffic had built up all the way back into Subang Jaya from the earlier Eggcident.  As for me, I just came out of that tunnel you see in the middle of the picture at my normal “lovely cambered corner, empty road ahead” speed when that guy you see in the picture waved me off. I managed to slow down and avoid being a casualty myself. Hahaha!

I told myself I must get down and get a picture of this.  So again I found a place to park and set off with my phone camera.

Accident 2

I figured out quite easily who the driver was. You can see him in the picture above standing in front of the car.  This time I did not approach and make conversation. But looking at the crash I am guessing he entered the corner at too high a speed and slammed his brakes. That was when he and his car did a stunt called “Attempting to gift wrap a  lamp post while moving in a rearword direction”.

Another lesson learned, the next time I come around this corner, make sure I have slightly deflated tyres to give the car more traction.  Hahahaha! Just joking guys.




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12 08 2009

Aways, Aways, Aways carry that camera.


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