Drive . . . Just Drive.

3 09 2009

How many of us can actually say that we have not made or answered a  phone call whilst driving a vehicle? I am definitely guilty of doing so myself. In fact I am quite able to compose an sms from behind the wheel of a moving car. I thought  I was good until I saw a few motorcyclist sending messages from their phones whilst riding their machines! If you’ve been driving in Malaysia long enough then you would know what a hands-free motorcycle phone kit looks like.

So far I have been lucky not to have crashed my vehicle while doing so but time and luck is not always on my side.  Then a few weeks ago my friend sent me a few community message videos aimed at driving safety with an emphasis on driver distraction. I really opened my eye as I have been in one of these situation before.

Think back, have you been in a similiar situation before?




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