Sleepy Study Group

22 10 2009

IN my line of work I get involved with many aspiring young men (and of late women) who would one day take over the job of overseeing the safety of civil aviation aircraft. Currently there is a bunch of them supposedly with noses buried deep in their books preparing for exams which will see them obtain their Licence.
Sleepy Study Group

Hmmm, at least one of them took my advice to literally and has his face buried in his books.  The others . . . . errrr . . . well they had  “Autopilot Engaged“.  Looking at their angle of attack those three guys at the front probably had activated TOGA too! hahahaha! Good Luck for your exams guys.


United Breaks Guitars -Song #2

21 10 2009

A few months ago in July Dave Carrol wrote a song about how United Airlines broke his guitar and refused to accept the fault nor  acknowledge the claims for compensation. That song United Breaks Guitars has garnered a very very respectable 5,750,538 views since July! United has since tried to but failed to make amends. I guess it’s a case of “too little too late”. Going by the comments I have read, the Airline has lost a whole lot of customers.

Well, Dave Carrol and his brother Don promised United they would wirte and sing 3, yup Three songs about the incident. Here is song #2.

Personally, I preferred song #1 but then Dave was both angered and inspired by the treatment he received from United. This second song was just fulfilling his promise of writing 3 songs. I hope the third one would be as good as the first.

Pedestrian narrowly misses a runaway bus

20 10 2009

Heard of running to catch the bus? Well, this bus nearly caught a pessenger! hahahaha! I’ll bet you that little dash across the road could have set some sort of  world record!

I caught one of them!

19 10 2009

With much perserverence and the help of a few well placed cashew nuts I managed to catch one of the rascals . . . . on camera. I would never think of doing it literally. It’s actually kinda nice to have these wild creatures in my garden.


At first I placed the cashews on the patio which was a little brighter than my garden but it turns out that it was a little too close for my 80-200 mm lense whose minimum focusing distance is about 6 feet. If you look closely you can see that I was shooting through the metal grills form inside my living room. I dared not go out for fear of scaring away my new tenants. A debatable point actually, it’s probably us that have invaded their territory.

Next I tried leavign the nuts on an upturned pot in my garden. It took them a while to notice the nuts but soon one of them found it. I found myself lying in wait on my carpet for a good half an hour before I got these next shots. I can appreciate how hard those wildlife photographers have to work at capturing all those beautiful pictures of animals in their natural habitat.

squirrel_2squirrel_3My next project will be to capture a civet cat that is frequenting my colleague’s house down the road from where I live. Now that will be quite a challenge.

Spies in my yard

17 10 2009

Since moving into my rented house I have noticed that there have been squirrels visiting my front yard foraging for food. So far I have counted three different individuals. Bieng wild they are very wary of humans. I have tried to snap a few photos of them but have not bene successful until today.

SquirrelThis is one of the only clear photos I managed to snap.  Since my garden  is quite full of plants the ground is  naturally dark making it is rather hard to get a good picture of them when they are foraging for food. ON top of that, these little creatures are very aware of humans. The one in the picture above is almost always in the same pose as if spying on me to see whether I pose a danger to their activities in my garden.

Unexpected walk under Clear Blue Skies

8 10 2009

Today my boss became a little agitated and made me take a long and uneccessary walk accross a hot tarmac to an aircraft which was parked outside the maintenance complex where I work. It was all because he does not trust me when I told him that a part he wanted would not be available on the parked aircraft. he insisted I walk out to the aircraft and “eyeball” the part in question. So I did.

It took about 5 minutes to walk the nearly 600 metres to the aircraft but the minute I saw it I knew I was right and the walk was totally unnecessary.  But he asked me to “eyeball” the part so I did affirming I was right all the time. i wonder what it is like to have to question everybody’s opinion. Must make you fell like God… and I guess he’s well on his way to acquiring the complex.

Clear Blue Skies

However as I was trudging back to the hangar (you can see it at the bottom left of the picture) where I am currently working, I saw this  clear blue sky with just enouhg clouds to make a beautiful picture. I snapped this picture with my phone camera. It didn’t turn out too badly huh? But it made me think back to the time when I spent most of my working hours outside and not under the steel roof of a hangar. How I wish I was back to working outside.