Unexpected walk under Clear Blue Skies

8 10 2009

Today my boss became a little agitated and made me take a long and uneccessary walk accross a hot tarmac to an aircraft which was parked outside the maintenance complex where I work. It was all because he does not trust me when I told him that a part he wanted would not be available on the parked aircraft. he insisted I walk out to the aircraft and “eyeball” the part in question. So I did.

It took about 5 minutes to walk the nearly 600 metres to the aircraft but the minute I saw it I knew I was right and the walk was totally unnecessary.  But he asked me to “eyeball” the part so I did affirming I was right all the time. i wonder what it is like to have to question everybody’s opinion. Must make you fell like God… and I guess he’s well on his way to acquiring the complex.

Clear Blue Skies

However as I was trudging back to the hangar (you can see it at the bottom left of the picture) where I am currently working, I saw this  clear blue sky with just enouhg clouds to make a beautiful picture. I snapped this picture with my phone camera. It didn’t turn out too badly huh? But it made me think back to the time when I spent most of my working hours outside and not under the steel roof of a hangar. How I wish I was back to working outside.




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