I caught one of them!

19 10 2009

With much perserverence and the help of a few well placed cashew nuts I managed to catch one of the rascals . . . . on camera. I would never think of doing it literally. It’s actually kinda nice to have these wild creatures in my garden.


At first I placed the cashews on the patio which was a little brighter than my garden but it turns out that it was a little too close for my 80-200 mm lense whose minimum focusing distance is about 6 feet. If you look closely you can see that I was shooting through the metal grills form inside my living room. I dared not go out for fear of scaring away my new tenants. A debatable point actually, it’s probably us that have invaded their territory.

Next I tried leavign the nuts on an upturned pot in my garden. It took them a while to notice the nuts but soon one of them found it. I found myself lying in wait on my carpet for a good half an hour before I got these next shots. I can appreciate how hard those wildlife photographers have to work at capturing all those beautiful pictures of animals in their natural habitat.

squirrel_2squirrel_3My next project will be to capture a civet cat that is frequenting my colleague’s house down the road from where I live. Now that will be quite a challenge.




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