The Sand and the Foam

5 11 2009

I grew up in an era in which songs had very meaningful lyrics. Simple melody and wonderful and meaning ful lyrics that one can often relate to. One of the singer/songwriters that filled my younger days with music was the late Dan Fogelberg. Here is a video in tribute to his life and the music he brought to the world.

“Gone are the pathaways

The child followed home

Gone like the Sand and the Foam”

How these words ring so true to me now. The place I grew up has long changed. The paths and parks where my friends and i once roamed are no more. replaced by ever widening roads, ungly buildings and ever growing number of houses. All in the name of progress. But sometimes I ask myself “How far have we gone forward? ….and at what price?” or have we actually taken a few steps backward?

I hope this song brings back memories of the simpler times in your  lives and that for you the pathaways are still there for you to walk down.




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