The Koi Pond

24 12 2009

Koi or Japanese Carps are very popular fishes bred for thier beauty. Koi’s come in many different colours ranging from white, black to bright  yellow and orange. Breeding Koi in a pond and the very design of the pond themselves have become artform which was started by the Japanese. A beautifully designed Koi pond can bring many hours of joy to the owner.  I have seen many  have seen some beautiful Koi ponds especially in restaurants and hotels. Some of my friends have even incorporated one in thier houses.

ON a recent trip to Penang I stayed in a hotel which had a rather large Koi pond which was simple but beautiful in design. But this is not the Koi pond I wish to talk about.

Later during the trip my friend and I went to a restaurant which had a rather unique Koi pond of it’s own. Above is a picture of the pond. What is unique about the pond? Well, it’s not the fish nor the size of the pond but it’s design and location. Sashi, an ex colleague and a friend pointe dout to Ruben and I that we should use the men’s toilet at this restaurant. he almost insisted we do so. Curious? Before you scroll down to the next picture take another look at the picture on top and see if you can guess where the pond is located and it;s exact design.

I must say I was rather taken aback when I first saw it. So were a few of the restaurant guest which had to use the men’s after I did. here is the picture of the pond from further back.

Did you manage to guess it correctly? The Koi “pond” is actually a fully functional men’s URINAL! At first glance I thought I had to pee into the Koi Pond itself but on closer  (but not too close) inspection I noticed that the fish were swimming in a pond that had a glass cover. The urinal itself has a saperate drain. The Koi “pond” itself extends past the rear wall of the toilet into a small open air pond where the fish are fed.

If you are ever in Penang island and wish to see this rather unique Koi Pond, the name of the restaurant is Hai Boey and is located just outside a fishing village called Gertak Sanggul in the south part of the island.




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