Stopped just in time? Flight AA-331

28 12 2009

On the 22nd of December a Boeing 737-800 belonging to American Airlines overshot the runway while landing in heavy rain on the island of Jamaica (land of Bob Marley and Marijuana).The aircraft broke into 3 pieces and right hand engine was torn from the wing but  thankfully there were no fatalities but there were some 40  casualties with 4 of them reported as serious.

I guess if you overran a runway it would mean you did not STOP in time. In fact you can see for yourself that the aircraft actually went through the airport perimeter fence and CROSSED a road before coming to a rest. But in this case I would hazard to say that “the plane DID stop just in time”.  Just take a look at the bigger picture.

Damn was the crew lucky. A few more metres and everybody would have had to swim! The aircraft landed at 10.22 p.m local time in heavy rain and poor visibility so the pilots might not have seen how close they came to a much worse situation. I’ll bet they would have said a prayer or two when they saw aircraft the next morning. Here are more pictures. By the way I was NOT in Jamaica and I did not take these photos. A friend of mine sent me these photographs.

Look Marthe they are taking us directly to our aeroplane! Did we take the express check in? hahaha! Well, as I said it is the place where one can get marijuana easily.




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