Goodbye 9M-MGG

23 01 2010

The company I work for has recently started an exercise which will see it’s fleet of aircraft renewed. Just like the last such fleet renewal exercise which¬† took place when I just joined the company, this exercise will take several years to complete. One of the first fleet of aircraft to be renewed is the Fokker 27 Mark 50 or more conveniently known as the Fokker 50. The Fokker 50 came into service sometime in the early 90’s which makes some of these aircraft 20 years old. hard to believe that I saw these aircraft when they first landed in our facility all those years back.

This fleet is now being replaced by the ATR-72. Apparently there are only 3 Fokker 50’s left in the fleet, With the exception of 9M-MGH which crashed in Tawau on the 15th of September 1995, the rest have been sold.

A few days ago I saw 9M-MGG being towed to the tarmac just outside the hanger where I am currently working. Almost everything in the aircraft has been salvaged by the current owners leaving the bare hull as you see it in the picture above. I heard it is soon to be cut up for scrap. It’ll be interesting to see that happen and i hope I will be around when it;s being done.

As you can see there is almost nothing left in the cabin except for the insulation blankets which still adorn it’s interior like old wall paper. Even it;s floorboards have been removed. I guess someone has some use for them. The aircraft is so light now that ballast weight in the shape of water filled barrels had to be used before it could be safely towed to it’s present location.


Interview with a Terrorist

21 01 2010

My friend TzyWen just posted an article about how dangerous some “not so clever” people are to your health. His article “health hazard” pokes fun at a stupid terrorist. What’s more dangerous (and entertaining) than a stupid terrorist? . . . a clever one of course.Even war reporters are not spared! hahaha! I nearly broke a rib when I first saw this video clip.

I loved every bit of the video, right from the time he started pointing at the subs, asking ” what are they?” to the part where he was practically shrieking out abuses at the interviewer. hahahaha!