1 02 2010

Kulula.com is a low cost carrier operating from OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg South Africa. Never heard of it? Well, neither have I until today. I have been in the airline industry for just over 2 decades now and in that time I have seen some very interesting liveries that airlines use on their aircraft. Traditionally a livery was used to advertise the name of the airline and also make it very recognizable to everyone. Even maintenance crews find them useful in a busy airport. Trust me, nothing wastes more time than driving up to a maintenance or a remote bay only to find that the aircraft has been towed away or of the wrong registration.

Then sometime in the last 10 years or so, airlines started using the space on the outside of their aircraft for advertisement. Mostly flag carriers would advertise the attractions available in their country. Some airlines would advertise their products. And thus aircraft liveries turned from boring to something very entertaining, even approaching what one might call a “work of art’.

But never before have I seen an aircraft livery that was hilarious as well as being educational. Not until my friend sent me some pictures of Kulula.com.

What a hoot! Flying 101.I’ll bet you some of their passengers would ask permission to walk around this Boeing 737-800 before they climb onboard. I particularly like the sign that says “The big Cheese”. Although you cannot see it in the pictures above, there is an arrow that points at the letters OK-PIK with a sign that says “secret agent code”  What a laugh! It’s actually the aircraft registration.

Whoever thought of the paint job really deserves a pat on the back. I really enjoyed it. Just the right amount of information for the entertainment of customers. Just hope their engineers don’t get too smart and start drawing their own arrows with a sign saying “Big Dent” or ‘”Corrosion”. Hahaha! Now that would be a case of too much information.

Pictures are courtesy of jetphotos.net.




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