My Borneo Adventure part 2

26 02 2010

Sematan 16/02/2010

The plan was to climb Mount Santubong if the weather was good but it turned out otherwise. Later we would find out that it rained in Kuching for the first 8 days of the Chinese New Year. So we activated plan B, a drive to Sematan with a stay-over in the Palm Beach Resort and a barbeque thrown in. Tzy Wen was kind enough to loan me a car for the duration of my stay in Sarawak, his father’s Mercedes Benz E230 no less. Thanks a lot dude. So after checking out from Tune Hotel at about 9 a.m (for those who like to sleep in late be informed that the check out time is 10 a.m and not 12 noon) I drove to Woon Hwan’s house to pick him up. From there we had breakfast before going to buy food and drinks for the barbeque we had planned for the night.

We had planned to get at least 4 or 5 guys for the trip but unfortunately nobody else took up the offer. Keith was busy and Phoi Nguan said he would rather stay at home. Typical of him I guess. I’ll need to talk to that man about the small pleasures of life. So only the three of us  made the 120 kilometre trip to Sematan that afternoon.

We arrived in Sematan rather late as we had stopped by many other places on the way. Those pictures have still not been processed ( I took then in Raw format) so the story has to wait for another day. After checking into the resort we headed out to the village nearby and caught sight of a magnificent sunset. This picture was taken on a wooden bridge overlooking a paddy field. To the left and out of the picture is a mountain call Gunung Pueh after which the village is named. We spent about 20 minutes relaxing and enjoying the view before making our way back to the resort to prepare our barbeque.




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