Cycling to KL

22 03 2010

Sunday Morning 21st March 2010

A few days ago my cycling buddy called me up inviting me to cycle in Putrajaya today. He said it would be awesome with the hot air balloons in the background. The 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Festival was underway since Friday and would end today. But alas we did not have transport for 3 bicycles and riders. So the plan was to ride to Klang and back early this morning.  Again our plans were dampenend by the sight of rain cloud as I woke up at 6 a.m. Yung Tian, sent me a message saying it had just stopped raining in Shah Alam where he stays and the rain clouds were moving toward Klang. So with that news, I told him to come over and I would plan another route for us. Radzi then called to suggest a ride to Kuala Lumpur with a breakfast stop in Taman Titiwangsa on the other side of the city.

I did not take any pictures on the ride to KL but here’s a picture of Yung Tian with our 3 bicycles at the canteen by the lake at Taman Titiwangsa. If you check out the video in the link I have provided above for Taman Titiwangsa, you will notice a sports complex on the right. This canteen is situated in the same sports complex. After breakfast and a 30 minute rest we decided to start our return leg.

Climb up Bukit Damansara

Being on a bicycle exposes you to a lot of dangers from motorised traffic. So it’s best to follow and respect all the traffic rules including waiting at the traffic lights. Radzi proposed that we go thru Damansara on our return leg. I forgot about the steep climb up Bukit Damansara until I was about 1 kilometre from it. Although it was his first time, Yung Tian climbed it like a champ. I guess being 20 years younger and not smoking has a lot to do with it. We finally arrived back safely in Subang Jaya at about 11 a.m after cycling for about 1 hour. Since the road was quite empty of traffic, I took the opportunity to snap this picture from my moving bicycle. Yung Tian must have  realized this and posed for the camera. I guess he can be quite a poser. hahahaha! In all we covered some 54 kilometres this morning. Not a bad ride for one that nearly did not take off due to weather.




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