The Video Killed the Radio Star

18 04 2010

While watching the television today my 6 year old nephew asked me, “Uncle, when you were young like me, did you have Astro?”.  He was referring to the only (legal) Malaysian company that provides satellite television service that brings him his cartoons and entertainment when he is not in school. That really broght a smile to my face. I had to tell him, “No, I never even had a television to watch”. He was so surprised. It’s true, back in the early 70’s our house did not have a television. I remember the only source of entertainment my grandmother had was a radio.

Then we moved to a new house my father bought and sometime in the mid 70’s we had a television! It was black and white. There was only 1  television station broadcasting only 1 single channel, RTM which stands for Radio dan Television Malaysia. And their transmission only started at 5 p.m everyday. But I still remember listening to only radio. I used to listen to some dramas over the radio. I cannot remember exactly, but books were read over the airwaves. Even when I wa sin my mid teens I used to tune in to the BBC (British Braodcasting Company) for some of their radio shows. But those days are over, Indeed, the Video had Killed the Radio Star. Here is a song that was written way back in 1979 celebrating those glory days of radio. In fact this music video happens to be the first (yes the very first) one played on the now famous MTV on the 1st of August 1981.




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