Saved by his ears

6 05 2010

Could your ears hold you up?  Well apparently, one boy’s ears stood up rather well for him and saved his life! And itt’s not often that an organ of yours does so. I mean how many of us could honestly say, “My little pinky saved my life’ ?

When his grandfather left Ming Ming sleeping alone at home while he went on a short errand, the 6 year old boy woke up and somehow fell out the window of his apartment. But a metal grill, commonly seen attached to the outside  of apartments in China (and Hong Kong where I used to work), arrested his fall. Ming Ming’s head was literally an ear too wide to make it through the metal grills protecting the window of the aprtment. Otherwise he would have fallen to a certain death.

I’ll bet that most of those who read this would try pushing up on thier ears to test thier strengh! Don’t be shy, I did it. hahahaha!




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