RM700,000 for Broadband!

30 05 2010

While we are all complaining that broadband service charges in Malaysia are one of the most expensive in the region, this pensioner in Great Britain had a shock of her life when she asked British Telecom (BT) to quote her for providing internet broadband connection to her house. here is an excerpt from an article I read on Yahoo.

BT this week sank to a new low this week when it quoted a Welsh pensioner £150,000 to install broadband in her rural home near Llandeilo in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

When she received the quote, the pensioner, Beverley McCartney, could have been forgiven for thinking that instead of helping her to join the information super-highway, BT was planning on building an actual highway to her home.

BT attempted to justify the charges, telling the BBC that “in very rare cases, additional charges need to be applied because of an exceptional amount of work required to the network in order to provide service”. It added that there it was working hard to find solutions for the “relatively few” areas of Wales still unable to access broadband.

Needless to say, Mrs McCartney – who stressed she did not live in the wilderness, or on top of a mountain – will not be taking BT up on their kind offer to fund £8,000 of the bill if she met the rest of the costs.

For the full article, just click here.

£150,000 translates to just over RM700,000 at today’s exchange rate! So our internet service providers are not too bad in comparison.  The complexity of  terms and their misuse, allows internet providers to market their product easily. My colleague had just recently subscribed to a wireless internet service package called 6G (don’t confuse yourself with 3G). At first he said he was getting superfast download speeds until sometime at the end of the month when his internet connection slowed down to a crawl. he asked me why this was the case. To his horror, I told him that his service provider neglected to tell him that the package he signed up for allows him to download only 6 Gigabytes of data at the advertised connection speeds. After the limit is exceeded his speed would be “throttled” down to a mere fraction of what he signed up for until the next month.

So before you sign up for any new package, ask all the pertinent questions and make sure the area where you live is guaranteed coverage otherwise the services might default to a lower speed that what you signed up for.




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