Second Test Flight

26 06 2010

This will be a post holder for now. Tune in again soon for more story and pictures.


Test Flight on a B777-200

26 06 2010

Yesterday I attended what might be one of my last test flights on a commercial aircraft. I hope this would not be true since I love aircraft and working on them. So with this in mind I tried to make the most of it. I charged up my camera battery and brought along my DSLR hoping to snap some great pictures. And boy did the test flight turn out to be eventful.   Here are some pictures to start  off this post.

The head hnncho or chief Pilot was captain Gerard Gunther.  He is one of the few captains flying the B777-200 fleet that is rated to do a test flight for the purpose of renewing the aircraft’s Certificate of Airworthiness. he turned out to be a very friendly and easy going person.The other captain was captain Tan, a veteran from the air force. He too was quite friendly and easy going.  The day however turned out quite eventful. First the weather was very cloudy and wet, not the best weather to take pictures. Then the test flight got a little confusing due to some unforeseen circumstances which I am not at liberty to discuss here. Needless to say it became rather hectic in the cockpit and I had no time to snap any photos. But then the weather had already taken care of that aspect of my plan.

Before I knew it we were already on approach to Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s runway 32L. The picture above is of the refinery at Port Dickson a few miles south of the airport.more to come soon.

Broga Hill

6 06 2010

Two  weeks ago I wa sinvited by a few friends to join them on a hiking trip to Broga Hill. We had planned it to be a hiking and photography outing but the weather turned out to be very foggy and wet. nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves immensely. More on that trip later. Yesterday the 5th of June, I made my second trip to Broga Hill with a few other friends of mine.  It actually began to drizzle while we were climbing up the hill but the Gods were on our side this time and the skies cleared revealing a beautiful sunrise. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the picture I managed to take.

Clockwise from left are Woi Loon, Yung Tian, myself and Goo.

I haven’t seen such a beautiful skyline in a long time reminding me of the days I used to hike in Hong Kong. Except for some cropping, there was absolutely no tinkering with the photo above. I am so glad I planned the trip and quite sure I will visit this hill again soon, perhaps on a weekday when there would be less people around.

Free Broadband

3 06 2010

Last week I wrote about how a woman in Wales was quoted a fee of RM700,000 by British Telecom to set up an broadband internet service in her house. Today I read the following,

TalkTalk has launched a deal giving new customers a year’s free broadband and evening and weekend calls when they sign up to an 18-month contract and pay line rental of £11.49 per month.

The free deal will include TalkTalk’s Essentials package, which is normally £6.99 a month and includes up to 24Mb broadband, 40GB monthly download allowance, a free router and evening and weekend calls.

But customers already with TalkTalk will be unable to switch to the package until their current contract with the provider expires.

A one off connection fee of £29.99 applies and once the offer period of a year runs out customers will pay the usual tariff of £6.99 per month on top of the £11.99 line rental, which amounts to £18.48 per month.

Just compare that with the latest Streamyx promotion for their 4 Mbps package which cost a whopping RM268 (£56) per month. That’s nearly 5 times the cost for a line that is 6 times SLOWER!  The only advantage the Streamyx package has is an unlimited data download. One reason for this disparity in pricing is the fact that Streamyx has a virtual monopoly on landbased internet broadband services due the their ownership of the TM landline network already in place. Another reason might be the fact that the customer base here is far smaller than the one in Britain.