Free Broadband

3 06 2010

Last week I wrote about how a woman in Wales was quoted a fee of RM700,000 by British Telecom to set up an broadband internet service in her house. Today I read the following,

TalkTalk has launched a deal giving new customers a year’s free broadband and evening and weekend calls when they sign up to an 18-month contract and pay line rental of £11.49 per month.

The free deal will include TalkTalk’s Essentials package, which is normally £6.99 a month and includes up to 24Mb broadband, 40GB monthly download allowance, a free router and evening and weekend calls.

But customers already with TalkTalk will be unable to switch to the package until their current contract with the provider expires.

A one off connection fee of £29.99 applies and once the offer period of a year runs out customers will pay the usual tariff of £6.99 per month on top of the £11.99 line rental, which amounts to £18.48 per month.

Just compare that with the latest Streamyx promotion for their 4 Mbps package which cost a whopping RM268 (£56) per month. That’s nearly 5 times the cost for a line that is 6 times SLOWER!  The only advantage the Streamyx package has is an unlimited data download. One reason for this disparity in pricing is the fact that Streamyx has a virtual monopoly on landbased internet broadband services due the their ownership of the TM landline network already in place. Another reason might be the fact that the customer base here is far smaller than the one in Britain.




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