Broga Hill

6 06 2010

Two  weeks ago I wa sinvited by a few friends to join them on a hiking trip to Broga Hill. We had planned it to be a hiking and photography outing but the weather turned out to be very foggy and wet. nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves immensely. More on that trip later. Yesterday the 5th of June, I made my second trip to Broga Hill with a few other friends of mine.  It actually began to drizzle while we were climbing up the hill but the Gods were on our side this time and the skies cleared revealing a beautiful sunrise. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the picture I managed to take.

Clockwise from left are Woi Loon, Yung Tian, myself and Goo.

I haven’t seen such a beautiful skyline in a long time reminding me of the days I used to hike in Hong Kong. Except for some cropping, there was absolutely no tinkering with the photo above. I am so glad I planned the trip and quite sure I will visit this hill again soon, perhaps on a weekday when there would be less people around.




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