18 10 2010

Malaysia Airlines last changed it’s livery on the 15th of October 1987. We went from an an almost all red on white colours to the more recognizable Red, Blue, Gray and White colours that we have now. One of the first few aircraft that carried this new livery was our brand new Boeing 747-400’s. Her eis one pictured in Kai Tak Airport courtesy of Airliners.net.

Now, almost exactly 23 years later, we are again changing our livery. This time around the first aircraft to don the new colours will be our new fleet of Boeing 737-800’s, the first of which will bear the registration number 9M-MXA. Here is one of the first pictures leaked onto the internet, again courtesy of Airliners.net.

What do I think of the new livery? Well, honestly speaking, I liked the old one but this new one is rather refreshing. maybe over time I will grow to like it too. One thing for sure, our painters will breath a sigh of relief. It should be much easier to repaint the aircraft colours in the future. Just a few streaks of Blue and Red on a canvas of pure white.

Here is the same aircraft performing a “touch and go” procedure as part of it’s post production flight tests.

I can’t wait to see the same livery on our new Airbus A330’s.




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