Medan Team Building Trip

24 10 2010

I just got back in from my first trip to Indonesia. After months of planning, my colleagues and I went off on a “Team Building” holiday to Medan last Friday. With the exception of Jerome, the rest of us were supposed to board the earliest flight.

But unfortunately even before our flight departed our team “lost” it’s leader . . . .  temporarily. He was still in the queue at the gate when our aircraft pushed back from the terminal. One of our team members desperately called him saying “Where the %$&* are you? Our aircraft is pushing back!”. To which our super cool team leader nonchalantly answered “No… no… I am still in the queue at the gate, everyone is still here” Well, needless to say he was in the WRONG queue which he found out a little later. It was really hilarious. You see our Senior General Manager also happened to be onboard the same flight!  I don’t think he’ll ever live this one down.

Here are some pictures taken after we landed and checked in to the hotel.

With the help of a local contact, Jerome our “treasurer” and his “body guard” Aaron got all our cash converted to Indonesian Rupiahs. There were a few million Rupiahs on that table but in actual fact no more than a three or four thousand Malaysian Ringgit. That’s because you’ll get Rupiah 2870 for every Malaysian Ringgit.

Some of us thought we were instantly rich . . .

Hardeep the millionaire

Hardeep “Look Kavil, I am rich”. Well, we allowed Hardeep his visions of grandeur while we distributed the rest of the money before telling him the horrible truth hahaha!  Just joking.




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