A Rally to Restore Sanity

31 10 2010

A few days ago I saw Jon Stewart, a talk show host and a comedian himself, being interviewed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. on television. It was quite interesting. Stewart was being interviewed because of his then efforts to hold a rally in Washington D.C called “A Rally to Restore Sanity” At first I wondered what it was all about and but after a little while I understood what he was getting at.

I keenly watched out for news of the rally on the internet and today I got to watch some parts of it on you tube. It’s worth the waiting. Although there are many videos of this rather long rally, I will show you the ending first because in his closing speech the Comedian gets serious and delivers the message behind the whole rally. Here is Jon Stewart giving the closing speech at the rally he organized.

I think he has a very pertinent message to deliver. I like the words he used when he said “If we amplify everything, we will not be able to hear anything”. How true. These days all we ever hear is noise. Here he makes that point with the help of two very famous entertainers.

There are more such video clips of the rally if you are interested to watch.




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