Ipoh Flea Market

31 10 2010

Last night Tzy Wen invited me to go to the flea market in Ipoh. On an impulse I said Ok. So at about 8.15 this morning we found ourselves on the North South Expressway driving towards Ipoh.

We made Ipoh in less than 2 hours even with a stop at Rawang for a quick breakfast. Admittedly the driver was pushing it a little bit. I swear I thought we were about to reach warp speed. We found the flea market easily with the use of the onboard GPS that Tzy Wen had installed. Quite cool actually.

I have been to Ipoh many times before but never knew there was a flea market in town every Sunday morning. I did not take many pictures as I was quite amazed at some of the stuff found there. The Flea Market is spread over 2 streets which intersect each other in a T junction. One street holds lots of household and clothing items much like a “Pasar malam” anywhere in the Klang Valley. This gentleman above was seen on this part of the market selling models of traditional Malay houses. He can be seen working on onel whilst displaying the others for sale. i never really enquired how much they were going for. Personally I thought he should have made them a little smaller.

The other street is where things got a little interesting. This is where tzy Wen found what he was here for. This particular street held a lot of 2nd hand electronics and “antiques”> I use the word antique very loosely here as these items are more often than not more like junk which people throw out or discard. Some items here, like car radios and shoes for example have a reputation of being stolen goods. So beware.

There are things here that boggles my mind. Not due to their novelty or uniqueness but take the stack of horseshoes above. Now who would buy a horseshoe?  Even if you owned a horse I am quite sure you would not be so cruel as to shod it with a set from this collection of rusty horseshoes.

There were just too much to take in in the few hours we had allocated ourselves. Just look at the strange collection of goods this vendor had on display. There are even 2 handlebars from a couple of old Vespas. Of course there were more usable and down to earth items like old phonographs, turntables, vinyl records, brass ware and even small furniture. Some vendors were seen asking for exorbitant prices for their wares.

I ended up purchasing a few items myself. One of them was a rather unique looking letter opener. I also managed to find a few old vinyl records that brought back memories of yesteryear. I left those with Tzy Wen who had recently bought himself a turntable!You can see it at his blog by clicking on the links provided on this page.

Was it worth the drive up? Well, with nothing else planned for the Sunday, I would say it was a worthwhile journey. Only the next time I will probably put a little forward planning and take my time driving up to Ipoh and back. Speeds in excess of 160 km/h should be reserved for the race track or much larger vehicles. hahahaha!




2 responses

1 11 2010

Your record selection is good! I love the Toto album

2 11 2010

Be careful of that Chris de Burgh album, it has a tendency to grow on you. hahaha! There are singers whose voice you just never forget. To me these include people like Cat Stevens, Jim Diamond Freddy Mercury and a few others.

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