Ride to Kota Kemuning

2 01 2011

It has been a long while since I rode my bicycles. Going around the corner to buy a burger doesn’t count. When my riding buddy of nearly 5 years invited me for a New Year ride to Kota Kemuning I said “yes”. Even then it took a lot fo mental wrestling to get myself out of bed on a Sunday morning. In the end, at 8 a.m this morning, I found myself riding towards this relatively new township in Shah Alam with Mohd Radzi and his 2 friends in tow.

It must have been at least 8 months since I entered this township with my bicycle and i must say it was a really nice day to have done it. The sun was out but it was not hot. The bike I took out did not have a speedometer but i think I covered the distance in a respectable time. As always, riding with Radzi means stopping for breakfast midway into the ride. So we spent about an hour at breakfast and catching up with each other. Then Radzi proposed we ride around the township a little before departing for home.

A guy whom we met on the road and I were in the lead when we noticed the other 3 were not behind us. It turned out that one of the guys had a puncture and the other 2 stopped to help. The two of us decided to turn around and join up with them.

The punctured tube was replaced quite fast but it took some effort to pump up the tyre with Radzi’s mini pump. The tyre was inflated to a point where he could ride on it a short distance to a nearby petrol station where we used the pump there to inflate it to a decent pressure. At this point I decided to leave for home on my own because I had a few things to do.

I must say the ride turned out better than i had thought it would. I did not suffer any cramps and I managed to cover the whole distance without encountering any problems even after a long hiatus form cycling. I came away feeling rather good with myself and promised i would start cycling again on a regular basis. I might even try to start cycling to work again soon.




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