Sunday @ Kota Damansara

9 01 2011

Hooked on cycling once again, I decided to ask Tzy Wen to accompany me for a bicycle ride and surprisingly he said yes! For those of you who know him, Tzy Wen is normally a very busy person with lots of things to do and places to go. So early this morning I found myself in front of his house with my bicycles (Tzy Wen does not own a bicycle …yet).

We had decided we would do a short ride to Kota Damansara and have breakfast at the McDonald’s there. We nearly did not make it out of his housing estate as the tube I replaced earlier on explode3d with a big bang, the result of improper installation by yours truly. Having no other tube, we had to repair the original tube which had suffered a puncture. some 20 minutes later, we were off.

Hungry, Tzy Wen decided that breakfast was first on the agenda. While I guarded the bikes, he went in and bought the both of us a light breakfast.

At first I suggested we head for a bicycle shop I knew of to buy some spare tubes just in case the bicycles suffered another puncture. But we found the shop had since closed for good. We then headed for the centre of the new Kota Damansara township on our bicycles and found it quite busy for a Sunday morning. So we decided to head on home. On the way there Tzy Wen lead us to a part of Kota Damansara where people used to fly remote controlled aircraft on the weekends. No more open field’s there, instead there were  new buildings, including the sprawling Segi College and many new apartments and factories.

While cycling past one of the new apartments we noticed a lake that wasn’t there before. We decided to investigate. That’s the beauty of being on a bicycle, it allows you access to almost any place you wish to go. There was a jogging path around the lake which afforded us an easy ride.

Here you can see a raised platform or jetty built on the lake. We found a few men fishing from it. A few gazebos built on the platform afforded some seating and shelter from the weather. Tzy Wen said that it would make a great place for a barbecue but also noted a lack of barbecue pits.

Toward the other side of the lake was a new development comprising 3 storey luxury homes. We later Googled it and found that each design had 7 rooms and 7 baths and cost a whopping RM 4 million! definitely out of my league. What would I do with 7 rooms and 7 baths anyway?

By the end of our ride we had covered almost 30 kilometres. Thanks for the company and breakfast Tzy Wen. Let’s try to do this again next weekend.




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18 06 2011
Kellie Gal

sorry. may i know how to go this place, if im coming from THE CURVE and GIZA sunway on my right.. can show me how to go ? i wanna cycling there.


18 06 2011

If you’re driving on Persiaran Surian from the Curve you will pass Sunway Giza on the right hand. Continue driving for another 1.2 kilometres and turn left onto Jalan Teknologi. You will see the Apartment in the picture on your left. The lake is behind the apartment.
I hope this helps and happy cycling

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