Bukit Putih

22 01 2011

With a little planning, Tzy Wen, Han Kiat and I found ourselves at the foot of Bukit Putih in Cheras at 7 a.m. The plan was to hike up to the top of Bukit Putih. I had found this hiking trail while trolling the internet for hiking routes around Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Only after taking the first few pictures during the hike did I realise that i made the wrong choice of lenses. With the canopy of trees blocking out whatever sunlight there was on the rather gloomy morning,, the lens I selected for the hike was not fast enough. So i apologize for the blurry pictures I will be posting here.

Bukit Putih is located smack in the middle of a housing estate in Cheras, a large suburb of Kuala Lumpur!  It offers hikers a 2 hour hike a waterfall or so I read from the internet. We were about to find out. More on the hike later.

I have yet to sleep since returning form the hike at noon. So it’s time for some well earned rest.




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