Surprise find on Guthrie Highway

29 01 2011

Early this morning found me on a flyover overlooking the Guthrie Highway in Shah Alam. I was supposed to meet up with Arnaiz and Beadon at 7 a.m at the Bulit Jelutong Golf Club for a ride on the Guthrie Highway but it turns out that they were a little late or I was early. Since I had already parked my car and got my bicycle ready, I decided to ride out to the highway and see if i can take a few good pictures. The Iphone’s camera is generally quite good but doesn’t perform quite well in low lighting condition as was this morning. The sky was overcast and looked like it was goigng to rain again. It’s been at least 6 to 8 months since I last rode this route on my bicycle and I was really doubtful I could make the 42 or so kilometres.

I was right, I was not physically prepared for this ride. I wonder who designed this highway? The Guthrie Highway is far from flat. There is hardly a stretch which isn’t hilly. But with perseverance and pain, I maanged to reach the abandoned flyover at the northern end of the highway.

While I waited for my two riding companions to arrive (yes I made it to the end first woohoo!) I enjoyed my mini snickers bar which I had brought along. It was well that i brought them along as I was feeling rather hungry. Soon Arnaiz showed up and not long after Beadon joined us. After a short rest we made our way back.

That was when we came across a surprise find. As we were cycling back south, a highway patrol officer overtook us on his motorbike with sirens flashing. i had thought there was a nasty accident up ahead. Then a few minutes later we came across the officer, his bike parked to one side of the motorbike lane, lights still flashing.

As we passed, I saw that he was standing over a dead wild boar. it was still intact but obviously dead. I turned around to take some pictures and my friends did the same.  It must have been trying to cross the highway sometime during the night when it was hit by a motor vehicle. I guess it had tried  to find it’s way back to the palm oil estate bordering the highway when it succumbed to it’s injuries. Beadon told me these creatures were very tough and it takes a lot to bring one down. He must be right as there were no signs of trauma to the carcass except for a bruise on it’s right forelimb.

Arnaiz lamented the lack of a knife. Hahaha, as if he wasn’t looking much like a pig himself lately without the need to consume one! We had a chat withthe officer who was soon joined by his colleagues driving a pickup truck. Since they were all Muslims, none of them touched the boar. One of us asked how they would dispose of the carcass and they said they had called a few friends who would do the needful! Ha, too bad guys, someone has got dibs on this one. I wonder how much this boar would fetch on the market?

With the wild boar pictures taken, we continued our journey back to our cars.




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