Hong Kong . . . .

9 02 2011

It’s been 6 years since I left this wonderful city and now I am back again. This time  for a relatively short 8 day holiday with plans to meet up with old friends, shopping and least but not last, to do a bit of hiking. Not known to many people, Hong Kong is actually a great place for outdoor sporting activities and of these I love hiking the most.

The pictures above shows you two different faces of Hong Kong. One is of the district of Mongkok, probably the heart of the shopping district and another the the coutryside as seen from a hiking trail on Lantau Island. I loved them both.

After I started this blog I had wanted to write about Hong Kong but I thought it would have been inappropriate as I was no longer livng in this city that never sleeps. Yes I can attest to this, the city or at least what the world understands as Hong Kong never sleeps. I could find food, entertaiment and transport any time of day. I could find busses to take me from the Airport where I worked to my home which was in North New Territories even at 3 a.m in the morning.

Now that I am back, I thought I would start writng about Hong Kong and my experiences while I was staying here. This post will be the start of my Hong Kong series.




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