Airbus Delivery Centre @ Toulouse Airport

2 05 2011


The Airbus Delivery Centre is where aircraft which are ready for customer final inspection and testing are parked. It is quite remote from the aircraft production facility. The delivery centre is designed and built like a small airport. In fact it’s larger than all but the largest airports in Malaysia!

These are some pictures of the delivery centre model found in the lobby of the building itself. The largest “terminal” is used very high profile deliveries such as the delivery of the first aircraft to a customer. This is typically when the Senior management and VVIPs are present for the handover ceremony. The curved viewing hall affords a great view of the finished product. This terminal also houses immigration and customs facilities so customers may depart directly form the facility after taking possesion of their aircraft.

For subsequent deliveries, the customer aircraft are positioned in the other 3 terminals  (round in shape) connected to the main one. Each of these smaller terminals can handle up to 4 aircraft at any one time. Customers are normally provided with 2 offices each on the first floor of the terminal whilst their respective Airbus representative offices are on the ground floor closest to the aircraft. This means each customer’s office overlooks his own aircraft.

In total the Airbus Delivery Centre can handle up to 13 aircraft at any one time. This makes a lot bigger than most airports in Malaysia.

As most of my work involves paperwork, I am usually in in the terminal building shuffling between main office and the office given to the Malaysian Department Of Civil Aviation surveyors. Above is the view of the aircraft I and the team of 10 other people are here to deliver back to Malaysia Airlines.

The next day whilst sitting in the same office, I caught my first live view of the A380. It was taxing ever so slowly so i was able to take a few snaps of it with my Iphone camera. It really is huge. I hope I get a chance to get up close to it while I am here. Unfortunately the A380 production facility is way over the other side of the airport and put of view from the delivery centre. In fact new Airbus A380’s are delivered to their customers in Hamburg facility where Airbus has built a 2nd such delivery centre.

The Toulouse facility outs the A380 together and then flies it to the hanburg facility where the interior finishing and external painting are done before handing over each finished aircraft to their customers.

The picture above was taken as our team were leaving the facility for the hotel at the end of the first day. It’s the picture of the delivery centre and if you’ll look to the left of the picture you can catch a glimpse of the first A380 ever built.

It was about 8 p.m when we finally pulled up at the hotel but as it was nearly summer, there was still lots of daylight left and I managed to snap this picture of the hotel I was staying at.




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