White Water Rafting Part 1

30 01 2011

Can anybody guess what I was doing here (again) today? It started off as a rainy Sunday and remained that way throughout the day. A great day if you planned on getting soaking wet!

The full story and more pictures later.

Ok so where was I?

Sunday morning saw us driving off North to toward the sleepy town of Kuala Kubu Baru. I wasn’t doing the driving but the navigating . . . withthe help of a GPS unit. I decided we would bypass the town of Rawang and use a little known route which is supposed to be scenic. Well, it wasn’t really but still it was much faster and offered some interesting views. The rain had by this time eased into a drizzle and Beadon decided to open the sunroof. for the rest of the journey. It was really nice to get a blast of cool wet wind in your face. really woke me up that.

This town was once one of  the main stopovers on the route from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh. Nowadays the town is a sleepy hollow except for weekends  holiday makers on the way to Fraser’s Hill stopover to have some breakfast. It’s also a meeting point for those who have come here to do some white water rafting. There were scant few restaurants open in this town on a Sunday. We found two that were open, one a modern mamak style restaurant which you normally find in the Klang Valley and the other a Malay restaurant across the road. Beadon decided to go for the quaint Malay restaurant. It so happens that this restaurant is also owned by the couple En. Piee and Kak Ros, who runs the outdoor adventure company that is taking us white water rafting today. The nasi lemak here is simple but very taste. Almost like homemade. After paying our bills we headed on foot to the post office where Piee was already waiting. Apart from our group of 18 he had another 34 people who had paid him to take them white water rafting, making it a total of 52! We waited for half an hour for the whole group to arrive but by 9.45 there were still some who had not made it.

I told Piee that i would take my group on ahead to see the river from the bridge nearby the starting or drop in point. he okayed it and off we went.

The rain had picked up again by the time we reached the bridge but that did not stop some of us form leaving our cars and having a peak at the river. As expected it looked terrifyingly dangerous from way up here. After a brief stop we headed to the drop in point and waited for the rest of the group.



Medan Team Building Trip

24 10 2010

I just got back in from my first trip to Indonesia. After months of planning, my colleagues and I went off on a “Team Building” holiday to Medan last Friday. With the exception of Jerome, the rest of us were supposed to board the earliest flight.

But unfortunately even before our flight departed our team “lost” it’s leader . . . .  temporarily. He was still in the queue at the gate when our aircraft pushed back from the terminal. One of our team members desperately called him saying “Where the %$&* are you? Our aircraft is pushing back!”. To which our super cool team leader nonchalantly answered “No… no… I am still in the queue at the gate, everyone is still here” Well, needless to say he was in the WRONG queue which he found out a little later. It was really hilarious. You see our Senior General Manager also happened to be onboard the same flight!  I don’t think he’ll ever live this one down.

Here are some pictures taken after we landed and checked in to the hotel.

With the help of a local contact, Jerome our “treasurer” and his “body guard” Aaron got all our cash converted to Indonesian Rupiahs. There were a few million Rupiahs on that table but in actual fact no more than a three or four thousand Malaysian Ringgit. That’s because you’ll get Rupiah 2870 for every Malaysian Ringgit.

Some of us thought we were instantly rich . . .

Hardeep the millionaire

Hardeep “Look Kavil, I am rich”. Well, we allowed Hardeep his visions of grandeur while we distributed the rest of the money before telling him the horrible truth hahaha!  Just joking.

Smoke gets in your eyes

21 09 2010

To those of my readers who cannot remember, this is actually a title of a very famous song first written in 1933. The song was covered by many artiste up to the 70’s. Here are the Platters with their version of the song.

I still remember listening to this song on my father’s 8 track and turn table.

But getting smoke in your eyes is as you know very painful, but in the aviation industry, an announcement by the flight crew of “smoke in the cabin” can be very deadly. Very recently, in fact on the 3rd of September 2010, a 747-400 Freighter crashed shortly after taking off from the international airport in Dubai due to the same reason. The captain had radioed to control tower saying there was thick smke n the cockpit and that he was practically “flying blind”.

There is now (and I just found out about it today) a simple but effective piece of  equipment that will so to speak, clear the way for the crew to see his instrument panels and out his windscreen. It’s called the Emergency Vision Assurance System or EVAS which has been installed on about 1500 aircraft. But sad to say it has not been mandated on Commercial Aviation. Here is a video about the system.

I hope in the near future, I will get to see this system installed on all public transport aircraft in the world.

Little Cute Drummer Boy

17 05 2010

A few days ago I posted a blog about a very talented pianist in the United States Of America. And today I am amazed of the talents found in my own backyard. I found this on the net today. This young boy is hardly out of his diapers, much less toilet trained! I give to you Howard Wong. Apparently this video was shot in a shopping mall somewhere in Penang! Check out how he drops one of his drumstick at 2.30 minutes and manages to great save witha cheeky smile.

I just love all his facial expressions. What showmanship and he’s only 3 years old. Yup, that’s right, Howard is only THREE. A real pro in the making. Let’s just hope the politicians and so called ‘do gooders’ keep their hands off of him.


13 05 2010

Greyson Micheal Chance’s tribute to Lady Gaga on the Piano. This boy has definitely got talent and a beautiful voice to suit. At forst I thought he was just doing a piano rendition of “Paparazzi” until I heard that baritone voice. Very few people his age has a voice that deep.

Great performance huh?

The Video Killed the Radio Star

18 04 2010

While watching the television today my 6 year old nephew asked me, “Uncle, when you were young like me, did you have Astro?”.  He was referring to the only (legal) Malaysian company that provides satellite television service that brings him his cartoons and entertainment when he is not in school. That really broght a smile to my face. I had to tell him, “No, I never even had a television to watch”. He was so surprised. It’s true, back in the early 70’s our house did not have a television. I remember the only source of entertainment my grandmother had was a radio.

Then we moved to a new house my father bought and sometime in the mid 70’s we had a television! It was black and white. There was only 1  television station broadcasting only 1 single channel, RTM which stands for Radio dan Television Malaysia. And their transmission only started at 5 p.m everyday. But I still remember listening to only radio. I used to listen to some dramas over the radio. I cannot remember exactly, but books were read over the airwaves. Even when I wa sin my mid teens I used to tune in to the BBC (British Braodcasting Company) for some of their radio shows. But those days are over, Indeed, the Video had Killed the Radio Star. Here is a song that was written way back in 1979 celebrating those glory days of radio. In fact this music video happens to be the first (yes the very first) one played on the now famous MTV on the 1st of August 1981.

After the GoldRush

18 11 2009

As a young man in the 70’s I used to day dream a lot. I remember lying on my bed in the warmth of the  afternoon sun withthe radio listening to Neil Young.

This is a rather strange song. I have never been able to figure out what inspired Neil to write these lyrics but it allowed anyone listening to them to imagine. Some of the words he wrote comes back hauntingly, lyrics like  “We got Mother Nature on the run in the nineteen seventies”. Now some 40 years later, look at what we have done to Mather Nature! I guess the man saw what was coming. We just did not listen.