Two “Egg”traordinary

16 04 2011

Never count your chicken until the are hatched, so goes the old saying. I saw this on Yahoo today and thought it was really bizarre. Nature really is unpredictable.

I wonder if both the eggs would have hatched and how the chicks would have looked like. I guess we would never know now.


Hong Kong . . . .

9 02 2011

It’s been 6 years since I left this wonderful city and now I am back again. This time  for a relatively short 8 day holiday with plans to meet up with old friends, shopping and least but not last, to do a bit of hiking. Not known to many people, Hong Kong is actually a great place for outdoor sporting activities and of these I love hiking the most.

The pictures above shows you two different faces of Hong Kong. One is of the district of Mongkok, probably the heart of the shopping district and another the the coutryside as seen from a hiking trail on Lantau Island. I loved them both.

After I started this blog I had wanted to write about Hong Kong but I thought it would have been inappropriate as I was no longer livng in this city that never sleeps. Yes I can attest to this, the city or at least what the world understands as Hong Kong never sleeps. I could find food, entertaiment and transport any time of day. I could find busses to take me from the Airport where I worked to my home which was in North New Territories even at 3 a.m in the morning.

Now that I am back, I thought I would start writng about Hong Kong and my experiences while I was staying here. This post will be the start of my Hong Kong series.

The Burger Stall

23 12 2010

When you are living in a large metropolitan area, fast food is always just around the corner. Here in Subang Jaya it’s no different. From McDonald’s to KFC to Pizza Hut. Sure the burger is a western dish but since Ramli burger pioneered the burger stall franchise, the Malaysian burger stalls have become mushroomed into a thriving local industry. it has helped a lot of young men set of on their own. These guys in a prominent corner of SS14 in Subang Jaya are no different except that their burgers really do taste great.

These guys started their business about 3 years ago and are still at it. In fact some of the proper restaurants in the same area have come and gone in the same period but these guys remain a hot favourite. Sometimes you’ll have to wait up to 20 minutes just to get your order. I have even seen one of them take a large order over his mobile phone.  They start their business at about 6 p.m every evening and wind up  at about 2 a.m, except Sundays when they are closed.

Here is the ‘cook’ with a few burgers on the griddle. He has this technique of splitting the burger in half when they are halfway done and adding some seasoning to them.  Their prices are very reasonable.  a double beef burger costs RM3.30, while a double special cost RM3.80. A special is a burger wrapped in fried egg.

These burger stalls are run as franchises which cost very little to set up. Hence the menu and prices are pretty standard but the taste do vary from stall to stall, and this young man has a winning recipe.

This particular stall can be found in front of Deen’s Corner, the only” mamak “restaurant in SS14 Subang Jaya.

The Koi Pond

24 12 2009

Koi or Japanese Carps are very popular fishes bred for thier beauty. Koi’s come in many different colours ranging from white, black to bright  yellow and orange. Breeding Koi in a pond and the very design of the pond themselves have become artform which was started by the Japanese. A beautifully designed Koi pond can bring many hours of joy to the owner.  I have seen many  have seen some beautiful Koi ponds especially in restaurants and hotels. Some of my friends have even incorporated one in thier houses.

ON a recent trip to Penang I stayed in a hotel which had a rather large Koi pond which was simple but beautiful in design. But this is not the Koi pond I wish to talk about.

Later during the trip my friend and I went to a restaurant which had a rather unique Koi pond of it’s own. Above is a picture of the pond. What is unique about the pond? Well, it’s not the fish nor the size of the pond but it’s design and location. Sashi, an ex colleague and a friend pointe dout to Ruben and I that we should use the men’s toilet at this restaurant. he almost insisted we do so. Curious? Before you scroll down to the next picture take another look at the picture on top and see if you can guess where the pond is located and it;s exact design.

I must say I was rather taken aback when I first saw it. So were a few of the restaurant guest which had to use the men’s after I did. here is the picture of the pond from further back.

Did you manage to guess it correctly? The Koi “pond” is actually a fully functional men’s URINAL! At first glance I thought I had to pee into the Koi Pond itself but on closer  (but not too close) inspection I noticed that the fish were swimming in a pond that had a glass cover. The urinal itself has a saperate drain. The Koi “pond” itself extends past the rear wall of the toilet into a small open air pond where the fish are fed.

If you are ever in Penang island and wish to see this rather unique Koi Pond, the name of the restaurant is Hai Boey and is located just outside a fishing village called Gertak Sanggul in the south part of the island.

Peel a banana the correct way.

17 07 2009

It’s amazing how we humans try to “improve” on things but end up making a mess of everything. We think we know how to do things the right way. Take peeling a banana for instance. How many of us peel a banana from the stem? I admit that I have always done it this way and sometimes struggled with it! Just imagine a grown man struggling to peel a banana! hahahaha! Well, watch the following video and see how it’s doen the right way . . . . the way a monkey does it.

No more struggling with a banana from now on.

Now let’s ask the animals  how they can help us humans repair this planet. After all it was us who single handedly screwed it up.

Another Barbeque

28 06 2009

As planned we had another BBQ yesterday. With some mutton and a bag of french fries left over from last weekend,  some fresh chicken and sausages Woon Hwan and I managed to deliver another successful mini BBQ. Even when Tzy Wen confirmed that Tzy Shih would be joining us as a last minute guest, we managed to pull through with enough food for everyone. Most of the credit must go to Woon Hwan this time around. By the time we were ready to start the fire I was so hungry that I complained of it, which is unusual. Then I realised that I had only eaten 2 pieces of pastry since having my lunch on Friday! Thankfully Mark had started to cook the french fries while we were waiting for the charcoal to light. I raided the first batch of fries before the could be brought out the BBQ. Sorry guys!

BBQSince it was planned as a mini BBQ, we sort of underestimated the amount of charcoal we would need to cook everything. The first to hit the flames were the chicken and sausages. They cooked in almost no time at all. But then when it was time to cook the Pièce de résistance . . . .


the charcoal fire died!

It took Shih, Tzy Wen and I a good 20 minutes to restart the BBQ using  whatever little charcoal and our cock brand fire starter (honestly, the brand is called Cock!) we had leftover.

cock brand

In the end the fire was just big enough to cook all of the mutton and sausages so  everyone could have their fill. The only disappointment was the Japanese sweet potatoes that Tan bought at a nearby supermarket.

Everyone chipped in . . . . wait a minute . . . what did Alvin do for the BBQ? Oh, I remember, he DID clean the sweet potatoes and wrap them in aluminum foil. Bravo Alvin.

Weekend BBQ

21 06 2009

A few slabs of mutton, 2 dozen chicken wings, french fries and Japanese sweet potatoes, add some friends, mix in a few drinks and what have you got? A great BBQ with lots of laughs. That’s what happened at my place last night and it was lots of fun. I did not manage to take many pictures with my camera as I was busy entertaining, after all I was the host. At the end of the day I found some pictures on my camera taken by some of my guests last night.


PreparatonWoon Hwan helped me with the shopping and  preparation. His recipe of barbeque sauce, garlic, onions, oyster sauce and brown sugar for the marinade was a huge success. But I’m afraid that pose is not Hahahaha! Trust me he was completely sober when he forced someone to take that picture.

BBQThe fire was lit on a portable barbeque pit which had seen better days. We had build the “pit” around it using some clay bricks and wire mesh.  The house which I am staying in has a great layout where the living room and garden is at the back. I fondly call it the front of the house. Anybody driving past the house will not be able to see this part of the house. Almost absolute privacy.  Here you see some of my friends sitting around the small garden waiting for the meat to cook.

After the  food and a few drinks and a short card game, I had some satisfied guests as evidenced by the following pictures.



DSC_5327 (Medium)Because of the fact that one of my invited guest did not show up, we had some food left over. It should be enough for a mini cook out next weekend! Maybe then I shall be able to take more pictures.