White Water Rafting Part 1

30 01 2011

Can anybody guess what I was doing here (again) today? It started off as a rainy Sunday and remained that way throughout the day. A great day if you planned on getting soaking wet!

The full story and more pictures later.

Ok so where was I?

Sunday morning saw us driving off North to toward the sleepy town of Kuala Kubu Baru. I wasn’t doing the driving but the navigating . . . withthe help of a GPS unit. I decided we would bypass the town of Rawang and use a little known route which is supposed to be scenic. Well, it wasn’t really but still it was much faster and offered some interesting views. The rain had by this time eased into a drizzle and Beadon decided to open the sunroof. for the rest of the journey. It was really nice to get a blast of cool wet wind in your face. really woke me up that.

This town was once one of  the main stopovers on the route from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh. Nowadays the town is a sleepy hollow except for weekends  holiday makers on the way to Fraser’s Hill stopover to have some breakfast. It’s also a meeting point for those who have come here to do some white water rafting. There were scant few restaurants open in this town on a Sunday. We found two that were open, one a modern mamak style restaurant which you normally find in the Klang Valley and the other a Malay restaurant across the road. Beadon decided to go for the quaint Malay restaurant. It so happens that this restaurant is also owned by the couple En. Piee and Kak Ros, who runs the outdoor adventure company that is taking us white water rafting today. The nasi lemak here is simple but very taste. Almost like homemade. After paying our bills we headed on foot to the post office where Piee was already waiting. Apart from our group of 18 he had another 34 people who had paid him to take them white water rafting, making it a total of 52! We waited for half an hour for the whole group to arrive but by 9.45 there were still some who had not made it.

I told Piee that i would take my group on ahead to see the river from the bridge nearby the starting or drop in point. he okayed it and off we went.

The rain had picked up again by the time we reached the bridge but that did not stop some of us form leaving our cars and having a peak at the river. As expected it looked terrifyingly dangerous from way up here. After a brief stop we headed to the drop in point and waited for the rest of the group.



Bukit Putih

22 01 2011

With a little planning, Tzy Wen, Han Kiat and I found ourselves at the foot of Bukit Putih in Cheras at 7 a.m. The plan was to hike up to the top of Bukit Putih. I had found this hiking trail while trolling the internet for hiking routes around Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Only after taking the first few pictures during the hike did I realise that i made the wrong choice of lenses. With the canopy of trees blocking out whatever sunlight there was on the rather gloomy morning,, the lens I selected for the hike was not fast enough. So i apologize for the blurry pictures I will be posting here.

Bukit Putih is located smack in the middle of a housing estate in Cheras, a large suburb of Kuala Lumpur!  It offers hikers a 2 hour hike a waterfall or so I read from the internet. We were about to find out. More on the hike later.

I have yet to sleep since returning form the hike at noon. So it’s time for some well earned rest.

Sunday @ Kota Damansara

9 01 2011

Hooked on cycling once again, I decided to ask Tzy Wen to accompany me for a bicycle ride and surprisingly he said yes! For those of you who know him, Tzy Wen is normally a very busy person with lots of things to do and places to go. So early this morning I found myself in front of his house with my bicycles (Tzy Wen does not own a bicycle …yet).

We had decided we would do a short ride to Kota Damansara and have breakfast at the McDonald’s there. We nearly did not make it out of his housing estate as the tube I replaced earlier on explode3d with a big bang, the result of improper installation by yours truly. Having no other tube, we had to repair the original tube which had suffered a puncture. some 20 minutes later, we were off.

Hungry, Tzy Wen decided that breakfast was first on the agenda. While I guarded the bikes, he went in and bought the both of us a light breakfast.

At first I suggested we head for a bicycle shop I knew of to buy some spare tubes just in case the bicycles suffered another puncture. But we found the shop had since closed for good. We then headed for the centre of the new Kota Damansara township on our bicycles and found it quite busy for a Sunday morning. So we decided to head on home. On the way there Tzy Wen lead us to a part of Kota Damansara where people used to fly remote controlled aircraft on the weekends. No more open field’s there, instead there were  new buildings, including the sprawling Segi College and many new apartments and factories.

While cycling past one of the new apartments we noticed a lake that wasn’t there before. We decided to investigate. That’s the beauty of being on a bicycle, it allows you access to almost any place you wish to go. There was a jogging path around the lake which afforded us an easy ride.

Here you can see a raised platform or jetty built on the lake. We found a few men fishing from it. A few gazebos built on the platform afforded some seating and shelter from the weather. Tzy Wen said that it would make a great place for a barbecue but also noted a lack of barbecue pits.

Toward the other side of the lake was a new development comprising 3 storey luxury homes. We later Googled it and found that each design had 7 rooms and 7 baths and cost a whopping RM 4 million! definitely out of my league. What would I do with 7 rooms and 7 baths anyway?

By the end of our ride we had covered almost 30 kilometres. Thanks for the company and breakfast Tzy Wen. Let’s try to do this again next weekend.

Another ride

8 01 2011

Managed to get out of bed and join another group of friends for a bicycle ride. We headed out to Kota Kemuning but this time we turned around at the first roundabout and headed for home. The weather was not great, it drizzled most of the way there and back but at least it did nto rain heavily.

I managed to get off my bike and snap some pictures of my friends as they cycled home. I shall not comment on the remarks that were heard all along the ride especially when they were going uphill. hahahaha!

Overall, i was quite satisfied with the ride and very pleased with myself for getting out on the bike two weekends in a row. I’ll have to service the bikes soon as I can and get them humming again.


Ride to Kota Kemuning

2 01 2011

It has been a long while since I rode my bicycles. Going around the corner to buy a burger doesn’t count. When my riding buddy of nearly 5 years invited me for a New Year ride to Kota Kemuning I said “yes”. Even then it took a lot fo mental wrestling to get myself out of bed on a Sunday morning. In the end, at 8 a.m this morning, I found myself riding towards this relatively new township in Shah Alam with Mohd Radzi and his 2 friends in tow.

It must have been at least 8 months since I entered this township with my bicycle and i must say it was a really nice day to have done it. The sun was out but it was not hot. The bike I took out did not have a speedometer but i think I covered the distance in a respectable time. As always, riding with Radzi means stopping for breakfast midway into the ride. So we spent about an hour at breakfast and catching up with each other. Then Radzi proposed we ride around the township a little before departing for home.

A guy whom we met on the road and I were in the lead when we noticed the other 3 were not behind us. It turned out that one of the guys had a puncture and the other 2 stopped to help. The two of us decided to turn around and join up with them.

The punctured tube was replaced quite fast but it took some effort to pump up the tyre with Radzi’s mini pump. The tyre was inflated to a point where he could ride on it a short distance to a nearby petrol station where we used the pump there to inflate it to a decent pressure. At this point I decided to leave for home on my own because I had a few things to do.

I must say the ride turned out better than i had thought it would. I did not suffer any cramps and I managed to cover the whole distance without encountering any problems even after a long hiatus form cycling. I came away feeling rather good with myself and promised i would start cycling again on a regular basis. I might even try to start cycling to work again soon.

Ipoh Flea Market

31 10 2010

Last night Tzy Wen invited me to go to the flea market in Ipoh. On an impulse I said Ok. So at about 8.15 this morning we found ourselves on the North South Expressway driving towards Ipoh.

We made Ipoh in less than 2 hours even with a stop at Rawang for a quick breakfast. Admittedly the driver was pushing it a little bit. I swear I thought we were about to reach warp speed. We found the flea market easily with the use of the onboard GPS that Tzy Wen had installed. Quite cool actually.

I have been to Ipoh many times before but never knew there was a flea market in town every Sunday morning. I did not take many pictures as I was quite amazed at some of the stuff found there. The Flea Market is spread over 2 streets which intersect each other in a T junction. One street holds lots of household and clothing items much like a “Pasar malam” anywhere in the Klang Valley. This gentleman above was seen on this part of the market selling models of traditional Malay houses. He can be seen working on onel whilst displaying the others for sale. i never really enquired how much they were going for. Personally I thought he should have made them a little smaller.

The other street is where things got a little interesting. This is where tzy Wen found what he was here for. This particular street held a lot of 2nd hand electronics and “antiques”> I use the word antique very loosely here as these items are more often than not more like junk which people throw out or discard. Some items here, like car radios and shoes for example have a reputation of being stolen goods. So beware.

There are things here that boggles my mind. Not due to their novelty or uniqueness but take the stack of horseshoes above. Now who would buy a horseshoe?  Even if you owned a horse I am quite sure you would not be so cruel as to shod it with a set from this collection of rusty horseshoes.

There were just too much to take in in the few hours we had allocated ourselves. Just look at the strange collection of goods this vendor had on display. There are even 2 handlebars from a couple of old Vespas. Of course there were more usable and down to earth items like old phonographs, turntables, vinyl records, brass ware and even small furniture. Some vendors were seen asking for exorbitant prices for their wares.

I ended up purchasing a few items myself. One of them was a rather unique looking letter opener. I also managed to find a few old vinyl records that brought back memories of yesteryear. I left those with Tzy Wen who had recently bought himself a turntable!You can see it at his blog by clicking on the links provided on this page.

Was it worth the drive up? Well, with nothing else planned for the Sunday, I would say it was a worthwhile journey. Only the next time I will probably put a little forward planning and take my time driving up to Ipoh and back. Speeds in excess of 160 km/h should be reserved for the race track or much larger vehicles. hahahaha!

Medan Team Building Trip

24 10 2010

I just got back in from my first trip to Indonesia. After months of planning, my colleagues and I went off on a “Team Building” holiday to Medan last Friday. With the exception of Jerome, the rest of us were supposed to board the earliest flight.

But unfortunately even before our flight departed our team “lost” it’s leader . . . .  temporarily. He was still in the queue at the gate when our aircraft pushed back from the terminal. One of our team members desperately called him saying “Where the %$&* are you? Our aircraft is pushing back!”. To which our super cool team leader nonchalantly answered “No… no… I am still in the queue at the gate, everyone is still here” Well, needless to say he was in the WRONG queue which he found out a little later. It was really hilarious. You see our Senior General Manager also happened to be onboard the same flight!  I don’t think he’ll ever live this one down.

Here are some pictures taken after we landed and checked in to the hotel.

With the help of a local contact, Jerome our “treasurer” and his “body guard” Aaron got all our cash converted to Indonesian Rupiahs. There were a few million Rupiahs on that table but in actual fact no more than a three or four thousand Malaysian Ringgit. That’s because you’ll get Rupiah 2870 for every Malaysian Ringgit.

Some of us thought we were instantly rich . . .

Hardeep the millionaire

Hardeep “Look Kavil, I am rich”. Well, we allowed Hardeep his visions of grandeur while we distributed the rest of the money before telling him the horrible truth hahaha!  Just joking.