The Burger Stall

23 12 2010

When you are living in a large metropolitan area, fast food is always just around the corner. Here in Subang Jaya it’s no different. From McDonald’s to KFC to Pizza Hut. Sure the burger is a western dish but since Ramli burger pioneered the burger stall franchise, the Malaysian burger stalls have become mushroomed into a thriving local industry. it has helped a lot of young men set of on their own. These guys in a prominent corner of SS14 in Subang Jaya are no different except that their burgers really do taste great.

These guys started their business about 3 years ago and are still at it. In fact some of the proper restaurants in the same area have come and gone in the same period but these guys remain a hot favourite. Sometimes you’ll have to wait up to 20 minutes just to get your order. I have even seen one of them take a large order over his mobile phone.  They start their business at about 6 p.m every evening and wind up  at about 2 a.m, except Sundays when they are closed.

Here is the ‘cook’ with a few burgers on the griddle. He has this technique of splitting the burger in half when they are halfway done and adding some seasoning to them.  Their prices are very reasonable.  a double beef burger costs RM3.30, while a double special cost RM3.80. A special is a burger wrapped in fried egg.

These burger stalls are run as franchises which cost very little to set up. Hence the menu and prices are pretty standard but the taste do vary from stall to stall, and this young man has a winning recipe.

This particular stall can be found in front of Deen’s Corner, the only” mamak “restaurant in SS14 Subang Jaya.




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